Apr 2018

Asset Management – How Charterfields Can Help

As a company grows, the assets it holds naturally increase. Looking after a company’s assets is a key business skill because it’s through those assets that a business generates revenue, thereby increasing a businesses’ value.  That’s where employing the services of an Asset Management expert, like Charterfields, is important.  Charterfields can help maximise the full value of a company’s assets.

Charterfields Are Asset Management Experts

We offer four areas of Asset Management work

  • Asset Registers
  • Depreciation Profiling
  • Audit Trails and Reconciliation
  • Asset Tagging

Asset Registers

Compiling an asset register allows a business to get a clear picture of it’s assets.  For property-owning businesses details about configuration, construction form and floor area would be typically included.  Plant and equipment registers provide data which allows for a logical walk-round or process flow.  It would typically include the physical location, asset description (manufacturer, model-type, capacity/size and serial number) age, useful life expectancy and value.

Depreciation Profiling

Charterfields have built up extensive experience of depreciation profiling.  Using the best industry knowledge available, our Asset management experts can advise on the expected life of a company’s asset portfolio which enables businesses to plan and cost a detailed asset-replacement strategy.

Audit Trails and Reconciliation

If only every company knew where its assets were!  Owning assets and planning their replacement isn’t enough if a business can’t lay its hands on them.  Our Asset Management experts will reconcile and update register data to assist managers, accountants and engineering teams with the management of their business assets.

Asset Tagging

Charterfields provides an asset tagging service that enables their easy and effective identification.

If you wish to discuss Asset Management with the team at Charterfields, then phone or email us now.  We’ll be only too happy to bring their many years of experience in Asset Management to benefit your company and make sure you’re on top of your assets.