On the instructions of appointed Liquidators of Nuddge Limited

For Sale

A chat-based member engagement platform

What is it?

Nuddge’s solution allows those seeking to improve their mental health and wellbeing an exclusive and safe community for coaching, health tracking, medication compliance and access to a library of resources for ‘mood-hacking.’ Behind the consumer interface is a sophisticated data and engagement platform that provides members personalised insights into their emotional wellbeing and associated triggers.

Why is Nuddge relevant? We are witnessing an unparalleled increase in the instances of anxiety and depression across all strata of society creating a societal epidemic. Health care institutions, insurers and the medical establishment are ill-equipped to manage this epidemic. Data and data-driven insights are becoming an increasingly critical means of how our health is managed. Progressive companies are harnessing the full power of digital technology to impact how care is delivered to patients and how diseases are diagnosed, managed and treated. Nuddge sits at the epicentre of these industry and cultural shifts.

  • 24% of 14-year-old girls and 9% of boys that age are depressed
  • 30% of teens with depression develop a substance abuse problem
  • 3 out of 10 depressed teens are not receiving treatment
  • 6 out of 10 university undergraduates report ‘overwhelming anxiety.

This is a bigger problem than people imagine.

The current situation: the software developers who are currently in possession of the developed code are owed circa £138,000. We are advised that the cost to complete development is circa £60,000 and would take a period of circa 10 weeks to complete the development.

Further information available includes Technology audit, presentation document, tech platform overview.

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