Where a sale of a business as a going concern is not possible, the disposal of assets may be required. Charterfields will, in collaboration with the client, identify the most appropriate method or combination of methods of asset disposal, to ensure the most positive outcome for the client.

Online Auctions

Working with specially chosen third parties, Charterfields is able to offer the option of online auctions. Online auctions have the benefit of reducing cost, whilst also expanding the reach of a traditional auction, ensuring the widest possible market for asset disposal. This option increases realisation potential, in comparison to the traditional auction route.

Tender Sale

Where there are high-value assets, but of limited market appeal, Charterfields can offer a tender sale method of disposal to enhance realisations. Charterfields has vast experience in this method of sale.

Private Treaty

If a business has ceased to trade, many sales of assets are concluded by private treaty.  Charterfields’ team are experienced in this method of sale and provide comprehensive terms and conditions that capture issues such as retention of title, debtors and data protection. By working collaboratively with our clients this service can mitigate the need for costly legal advice.