In most distressed businesses, there will be assets which involve a third party interest. Charterfields has the expertise and knowledge to advise and manage this scenario.

 Where equity is present, Charterfields understands the need to begin negotiations with other stakeholders at the outset.  We can include these assets in a transaction via the novation of agreements. Alternatively, we can manage disposal to an unconnected party to release the equity for the benefit of the insolvent business.

Where assets or stocks have been supplied under credit agreements and retention of title becomes an issue, Charterfields is able to offer advice and guidance underpinned by knowledge and expertise. Alternatively we are able to manage these issues on behalf of the Insolvency Practitioner. Charterfields’ experience in this field enables it to comprehensively deal with matters to a satisfactory conclusion.

Relying on our knowledge and experience, you can feel comfortable in that we will be able to offer guidance in all aspects of third party assets and retention of title matters.

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