We have a wealth of experience in assessing and valuing tangible and intangible assets. However, what makes Charterfields unique is our understanding of the inter-play between these asset classes.

Charterfields are experienced in appraising a company’s tangible assets in business recovery and insolvency scenarios. These include fixed assets such as property, plant, machinery and other physical assets including motor vehicles, fixtures and fittings, inventory and stock. 

This is an important aspect of Charterfields service, as intangible assets are often overlooked. The intangible assets of a business, commonly referred to as intellectual property, can cover customer data, patents, copyright, brand name, trademarks, domain names, software, licencing agreements, recurring income streams, royalties, quotations and order pipelines together with goodwill.

The Data Protection Act 1998 plays an important role in the disposal of certain intangible assets, particularly where companies are operating in the business to the consumer sector. Charterfields is registered under the Data Protection Act and is experienced at working within its guidelines.

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