With under insurance potentially leading to shortfalls in claim settlements, and over insurance resulting in excess premiums for no benefit, we understand that the provision of researched assessments for material risks is a vital part of any cover programme.  

Supporting clients, brokers, insurers and risk managers, Charterfields is experienced in providing assessments designed around the precise requirements of a cover programme, reporting on a wide variety of risk categories, across a diverse range of sectors.

We work closely with clients, providing assessments with reports providing rebuilding or replacement asset costs, the costs of debris removal and professional fees, and advice on the treatment of non-recoverable taxes, where applicable. 

Our reports typically also reflect the estimated costs of debris removal and professional fees, as well as advice on the treatment of non-recoverable taxes where applicable.  

We also include a commentary on the estimated reinstatement period, to ensure that the policyholder and their advisors have sufficient understanding of the business interruption period they may need to accommodate. 

As specialists in assessments for insurance, we understand the nuances of insurance coverage and when appropriate we can advise on indemnity or actual cash value figures. 

Our independence means that stakeholders can review our assessments as impartial in the event of a loss. 

Our reinstatement cost assessments include the following assets: 

  • Buildings, building services, civil works, utilities and tenants’ improvements 
  • heritage or listed buildings and structures 
  • Manufacturing and production plant and equipment, industrial fixtures and fittings, process related services and contents 
  • Information and telecommunications hardware 
  • Stock and tooling inventories 

Additional insurance related services we provide are outlined below: 

Our innovative, market leading, Declared Value Health Check (DVHC) offers UK clients and their brokers an initial free or low-cost investigation to determine whether existing declared values are reasonable.   

This desktop analysis approach can give the policyholder a better understanding of the issues that could influence cover levels, whilst also identifying if there is a need for a more comprehensive assessment. 

As part of its appraisal process, Charterfields can collect the data to provide a comprehensive register of the key assets at a location. This service, at additional cost, can assist the policyholder or insurers with understanding the location and quantum of assets insured under a policy. Moreover, by demonstrating clear evidence of the assets prior to a loss, this service can facilitate the claims process, reducing the time taken to build up a picture of the assets and diminishing the potential for disputes.