We are proud to be a specialist partner with Aviva, a leading UK insurer, to provide their clients with specialist plant and machinery valuation services. We support Aviva commercial customers nationally and internationally.  Charterfields provides insurance assessments for all asset categories, with reports designed around a client’s specific cover programme.

Plant, Machinery and Contents Costs

Accurate reinstatement cost assessments for plant, equipment and contents are a vital element in the risk management of a business’s assets. With under insurance potentially leading to shortfalls in claim settlements, and over insurance resulting in excess premiums for no benefit to the policyholder, independent expert advice on your declared values is vital as part of a comprehensive risk management programme.

Did you Know?

  • Only 20% (1 in 5) of companies were found to be insured within +/- 10% of the actual asset reinstatement cost (the margin acceptable to insurers)*
  • 68% were under-insured by between 11% and 100%
  • 12% were over-insured by between 11% and 50%

(*Source:  Charterfields annual insurance cover report)

How can we help?

We can provide support as a Specialist Partner of Aviva to help you get an accurate assessment of your plant, equipment and contents at preferential terms.

We work collaboratively with insured parties, providing the industry knowledge, technical skills and practical experience required, to create bespoke insurance assessment services that meet the requirements of risk managers, brokers and insurance companies.

What are the benefits?

  • An independent assessment of declared values brings certainty and protects a business’s interests
  • Ensures adequate insurance cover
  • Simplifies the claims handling process
  • Supports business resilience, post loss

About Charterfields

Charterfields are a firm of Chartered Surveyors providing reinstatement cost assessments of property, plant, machinery and contents for insurance purposes, acting for clients worldwide.

Who should use Charterfields?

  • Industrial companies with dispersed property portfolios
  • Engineering and other firms with complex, unique assets
  • Risk managers looking for more insight into their risks
  • Retailers and others with mobile assets
  • Companies with process plants
  • Firms with older or bespoke assets

More details on our services can be found here – Services

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